Bitcoin Consultancy

When I first discovered Bitcoin a number of years ago I was immediately fascinated with the idea.

Of the various groups interested in Bitcoin I am a technologist and  first became excited in the potential of its technological applications. I have since come to understand that the social implications of Bitcoin are just as revolutionary and important.

I’ve been working most recently on tech startups in the South West. My degree is in Business and I have worked in the finance industry in addition to spending almost a decade as a software developer. This unique combination of skills gives me both a technological and economic insight into the technology.

Bitcoin is such a fascinating and complex invention that can potentially transform the world and has many use cases. While it can appear inaccessible and difficult to understand, it really doesn’t have to be. I can readily articulate, even to beginners, how the technology works, its challenges and its potential uses. I can additionally explain the difference between blockchain and Bitcoin.

I would also be willing to work with any journalist who thinks they are about to reveal the identity of Satoshi Nakamoto, to discuss the implications, proofs required, and help avoid the loss of credibility experienced by those who have made such attempts previously.

I am based in the UK and am happy to travel as required. I will only advise in areas where I am confident in my expertise and will gladly refer other enquiries to contacts I know from the community who are skilled in those areas.

For any Bitcoin consultancy related enquiries please email [email protected].